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Friday, September 15, 2006

Thanks for sharing

I've shared somewhere on here before about cell phones and personal space and if you talk on your cell phone in my "space" your conversation is now my conversation and I get to look at you, listen and even comment! And if you get annoyed, duh, hang up or don't use the phone while sitting next to me on the train. I think I'll keep a log of these. Here's one from this morning:
Man in suit and tie with briefcase, Indian accent, late twenties:
"She got me sooo stressed out this morning. I don't need to be stressed out! Doesn't she know that I am the alpha male! I am the king of the pride! I need to be alone when i cry! It's a sign of weakness for a male to cry. I am the king of the pride!! I am the alpha male!"
I wanted to give the guy a standing ovation...but thought better of it....didn't want to make him cry!


Michael C said...

Aplha male, huh? Since when do alpha males whine? It's hard to be top lion when you're moanin' about not getting to act like top lion.

I bet I would have a lot of fun with public transportation. You just don't get that level of human interaction while commuting.

Deb said...

Personally I think you should have made it a challenge to see if you could get him to cry.

It might be fun.

BikerbabeNJ said...

D yer sick

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Wait for me. I'm the leader!!!

I seethe at the arrogance and/or unconsciousness that makes people assume everyone within earshot wants to hear their stupid, inane conversations. Sometimes I wonder if anyone is actually on the other end, or if they're protecting themselves from possible interactions with "real" and present people, or are so insecure that they want the world to think they're Important and have Many Friends.

C... said...

You should have told him - only strong men can handle crying in front of others.

mist1 said...

I am the alpha bitch. I feed on alpha male tears.

Unknown said...

And real men don't eat "quickies" or however the hell you spell it.

so there.... nanna boo boo

Later Yall.

Maria said...

oh my lord.... oh my lord....!!! i would have smacked him and told him now... WHO'S the ALPHA MALE???

Jeezeeee he sounded like she was persucuting him because she wanted to make sure he was ok....

oh well... he's the alpa male... lol.... doesn't he realize... i real man wouldn't have to announce it???

i guess not! and i thouht i said stupid things! lol ~M

Parlancheq said...

So who stressed him out so much he almost cried - his signicant other or his mommy?