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Monday, December 03, 2007



I played the carols and we sang
Monkey and me and all the gang!
We had a wild weekend, monkey and me
We even hung monkey balls on the tree!

(yes, I am losing my mind)



Szarek(Will) said...


Well as I always say...the whole world is insane and I am the only sina one....welcome to the sane community

buffalodickdy said...

A mind is a big place- everyone loses some of it once in awhile!

Patti said...

Monkey balls? What have I missed by not being in the blogosphere?


Happy Monday, Odat!

Patti said...

oooh, now I understand. I just scrolled down.
I always knew your blog had balls!

Matt-Man said...

Monkey balls are delicious. Cheers!!

Paul - ShadowofDiogenes said...

Watch out for those monkey balls Odat ! :-)

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

odat sarge never knew what monkey balls were. when we were kids we played with them and called them monkey balls. we never knew any different. they were just - monkey balls! ha ha

how is snot dog? has he recovered? will there be snot-terriors? so many questions, so little time!

smiles, bee

Sarge Charlie said...

Happy Monkey Monday, are you snowed in.

Mike M said...

don't fall into "monkey misery" ODAT.

As an Executive Member of the Monkey Alliance Group, looking like you crazy is part of the membership requirement.

Gledwood said...


hey did you get that japanese-chinese tv prog called monkey/monkey magic in your parts in the late 70s/early 80s? it is utter CLASSIC!!!

Odat said...

will...thanks for the welcome! (I think.)

buffalo, well...thanks for

Patti, yay!!! She's back! Good to see ya...

matt-man, and you know this because..?????

paul, Why?

bee, are you talking about itchy balls, the thingys that fell off trees? and btw, Snot's been sleeping since he got home...he's got that guily look in his eye too!
I'm wondering if you could tell me what he was up to on that cruise,huh???

Sarge, We only had about an inch of snow...was pretty while it lasted...then it rained...and today is a little icey on the roads.

mike, No monkey misery here!!! but thanks for the words of encouragement!!! I will try to live up to the highest of standards for the Monkey Alliance!

gled, hiya...I don't believe I've ever seen that program...but I was in another world then..hehe.


Casdok said...

Love your evolution picture!!

Loving Annie said...

Ha-ha-ha-ha !!! Good one, Odat !

M@ said...

At least you don't SUCK monkey balls, odat!!!


Open Grove Claudia said...

Happy Monday! I do love the monkey ball - very cool. I wonder if there's a way to make that a real ornament....

The CEO said...

Happy Monday, Odat! What a neat way to start the day!


Odat said...

cas, lol, I thought it was cool.

Thanks Annie!

M@, Can't say that I have ;-)

claudia, I'm sure there

ceo, Thanks!


Gledwood said...

actually Monkey probably only came on Japanese and Brit TV. they found another 12 episodes a few years ago that had not been dubbed into English and so monkey-mania started all over again!

Hammer said...

lol monkey balls. Reminds me of a dessert my aunt makes.

Roger said...

Awww I am late sorry Odat...Looks like it was a great Monkey Monday!

My Reflecting Pool said...

Its hard having a wild weekend without monkey balls.

Oswegan said...

I feel like that monkey on the computer.


Palm Springs Savant said...

I love that photo! you have a really fun blog. intertested in trading blogroll links? I'llbe back!