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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Tiny Needles Yin Yang

Yin and Yang back together again......"....reunited and I'm feeling good......"

Needles. Tiny needles. Not pine needles, but tiny, shiney needles. Stuck in me from the bottom of my spine trailing down my leg to the top of my foot. With heat and electric stimulation! Sounds kinky, doesn't it. No, that's a story for another day. ;-) My sciatica is acting up again and acupunture is my salvation. I get immediate relief. Had a session on Wednesday and am going now for another one. My yin and yang are getting their groove on!

I've also been advised not to carry so much "stuff". I have a briefcase and a handbag that I usually "lug" back and forth to work. I'm sure if I weighed it would be close to 40 lbs. of crap.

Well, the handbag can't go. It carries all the essentials that a woman needs! I don't carry my briefcase...therefore, I can't get work done. That sounds like a good thing!

I think a meme about what a woman carries in her handbag would be an interesting one. Maybe I'll start one next week!
Enjoy your Saturday!


Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

oh no honey. poor odat! i hate that! i have to go to the bone cruncher when mine acts up. feel better now...

smiles, bee

Schmoop said...

Glad you are feeling better. My back is messed up from carrying around way too much guilt. Cheers!!

Rick Rockhill said...

Glad to hear it helped. I was thinking about trying you swear by it huh? Maybe I should go for it and get past the "needles in me" thing!

Patti said...

I'm sorry you have this pain but glad to read that acupuncture gives you immediate relief. That's wonderful.

I can commiserate with you about not being able to reduce the amount of stuff you lug around. I don't do a briefcase, but the shoulder bag can get pretty heavy.

M@ said...

I read that Richards Dawkins book years ago but now I'm starting to hate the word "meme."

Can men participate, too? I have a man-bag attache case, in which I keep a lot of interesting things, including a phillips-head screwdriver. I don't go anywhere w/o that.

Constance said...

Glad that the acupuncture is working. A 40 lb. briefcase would give anyone a bad backache !

buffalodick said...

The mental image of a woman carrying a 40lb brief case in one hand, trying to keep her spine straight (like you're supposed to!) and wondering why she has a sore back.... get two twenty pounders, one for each hand, or hang them from the ends of a stick draped across your shoulders, peasant style....

Oswegan said...

Acupuncture freaks me out. I'm glad it works for you though.


Odat said...

bee, I go to one of them too.

matt-man, Lose it then!

palm, you should try it! The needles are so tiny and thin it's nothing! hehe.

patti, i keep trying to cut down the lbs. but never am successful.

matt, yes, men with "man bags" will be able to particpate.

annie, the briefcase isn't 40 lbs. it's the combination of my handbag and that.

buffalo, You know, I've thought about that....Actually I do have a briefcase with wheels that I use on occasion, but don't like it because I like both hands free. I carry my briefcase over my shoulder as I do my hand bag.

Os, It shouldn't freak you should try it.
I have mine done by my doctor.

Crankster said...

I always thought you were pretty holey.

(I had to go for the pun)

I hope you're feeling better!

RW said...

I should try that acupuncture I heard it can help ya stop smoking!

katherine. said...

I've never been....but many people I know have.