Life isn't about how to survive the storm, but how to dance in the rain!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


On the train this morning the lights went out in one car, mine. Was kind of eerie. I was reading a book...then fade to black. As the train moved along underground, flecks of light would enter from the tunnel outside, turning the car rather disco like...siloulettes of people there, then blackness, then again. Cept no one was dancing....!

Kinda like my mood's not dancing. It should be because the weather is perfect! No humidity, in the 70's, and after last week's heat wave it feels like a fall day. My perfect kind of day too. I should be celebrating this day. Cept my mood is black. Don't know why. I won't stay here in this black hole for long tho. I will make up my mind that whatever it is that's bothering isn't really all that important in the universal scheme of things. (I'll be dancing later!)



Michael C said...

Youc could dance to "Paint It Black" by the Stones just to get you grooving until the mood picks up. Or you could dance to, oh well, I can't remember. Dang that short term memory...

Odat said...

Thanks michael...that makes me feel so much better!!