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Monday, August 14, 2006

Mondays ;-(

It's "Aaarrrggghhhhh" Monday again! How'd that happen? Well, at least it's a little on the cool side today, which is one thing I'm always grateful for. Just remember tho, I'm keeping notes. Don't know what the day will bring. But here's hoping for something wonderful. (I like to act as if, then my mind will get there too). Here's hoping for something wonderful in your day too :-) Catch y'all later, as the day unfolds.



Michael C said...

I'm running for President to eliminate Mondays from our calendar. Of course that makes Tuesday the new Monday (hey, this might be a blog idea), so I'll come up with some really cool gimmick so Tuesdays won't seem so bad. Have a great day!

Odat said...

Don't elminate it!!! Just add it to the weekend! Geeze! I'm not voting for you!

Michael C said...

I went to work and wrote a blog about Mondays. We think alike. I also figured out a way to not completely eliminate Monday. Maybe you'll vote for me now??

Odat said...

Good work Michael...but like I said in my comment on your blog, i'm gonna have to sleep on it...(i have to study the issue more thoroughly.....lmao)