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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Ok, so I'm losing my mind...what else is new?

I'm sitting here (in my office) this morning (got in early so its not like I'm doing this on company time or nuttin) and a friend of mine calls me to ask me if I've ever wondered if men worry about panty lines! ( i.e., a prominent, visible panty line or VPL ("Visible Panty Line") occurs when the outline of someone's underpants becomes visible through his or her clothes). Hmmm...gee, I've never really wondered about that I told her, but now that she's brought up the subject, I'm not really sure......I don't think they worry if their underwear lines are showing or not...and I don't recall ever seeing a VPL on any man's ass I've had the occasion to google at on the subway or street. But I will ask around. Maybe even do a little survey to find out if they actually think about that while they're dressing. And now that she's brought the subject is rather interesting that they don't seem to have panty lines and us women have to go thru the pains of choosing what underwear goes with what pair of pants or skirt we chose to wear! We've got a lot to choose from tho.......bikinis, thongs, hi waist, lo waist, gramma bloomers, and the occasional "none"....(which I believe is known as "commando") and also the fact that they must match our bras! Where did all this begin anyway? I mean why am so concerned about whether my bra matches my panties or whether you can see my underwear thru my skirt or pants? It's not like I'm going to disrobe on my way to work or at work, (well maybe on my way home, (if i get lucky, he he) Oh's for when I get home so when I walk in to the door and disrobe after working all day, I'll be all matched! Yeah that's it! ;-)



not so common said...

The way I see it, matching your bra with your panty is the grown up version of making sure your underwear is clean in case you get hit by a car (not seriously hurt) and have to disrobe in the hospital!!

Michael C said...

It must be tough for the fairer sex. I mean I can't even match a shirt and tie. It's embarassing having a co-worker look at you and say "did you really think that tie matched that shirt? Because it doesn't!"

So I can't imagine having to match undergarments, too. Oh yeah, negatore and the VPL concerns here.

thethinker said...

Matched bras and panties get to be a pain when you haven't done laundry in awhile. Occasionally, I'll go mismatched, but it's not like anybody knows. Well, until now. Darn...

Odat said...

well...i've been studying all day long and have yet to see a VPL on any man!

Why? I'm still wondering!


C said...

I think they only worry about it on us. I never really look for underpant lines on men - most men don't have enough ass to make any indentation.

mist1 said...

I never match. I don't know. I'm just not a matcher.

I just don't think that most men care about vpl like we do. They've got other stuff (sex) on their minds. Of course, when women have other stuff (sex) on their minds, it involves the right underwear selection.

Essentially, I have no point.