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Thursday, August 31, 2006

I see in the paper today that NYC has the 2nd slowest commute to work in the nation!!!(right behind Vineland NJ?????(a suburb of Philadelphia, but who really cares.)

No shit! I mean I live in one of the outer boroughs and I can actually almost reach out and touch Manhattan. Yet if I were to take public transportation into the city, it would take me two hours door to door! So this news is nothing new to me. I could swim across the river faster!

But one gets used to commuting and I find ways to keep me busy...(like looking for visible panty lines on men, e.g.).I usually read while on the train. But this morning I had a group of very load women standing near me and I couldn't figure out what language they were speaking (I think Russian or Polish) but it was hard on my ears and my head. Had a headache to begin with and I just wanted them to shut up! On the other side of me I had a guy falling asleep who at any minute was going to fall sideways onto me. I keep shifting in my seat and kinda nudging him with my elbow...he'd wake up for a second...shift, and off he'd go again, little by little tilting in my direction....was a lil comical if you want to know the truth. Then I faked a loud sneeze! Achooooooo! , pulling up my arms and making sure I nudged him.....this woke him up! and kept him awake as I kept blowing my nose and fidgeting....He gave me a dirty look as if my germs were gonna make him sick or sompin.....the nerve of him! when his slimy lil head almost landed on the shoulders of my newly cleaned jacket!

Hope this day gets betterer!!!!



Michael C said...

I also saw the commute story today. Guess what, that's my topic today, too. I just have to make my 2 hour drive into work first. Actually the drive for me is only about 25 minutes. It's the 30 minutes to get onto the freeway (when I only live 5 minutes from it) that really ticks me off!

Have a great day...

Just D said...

That sounds like a comedy skit chicklet. lol

mist1 said...

Carry a small clear plastic cage with a tarantula. You will get your own seat. Seriously. I can prove it.

MyHeartHurts said...

lol... ARGGGGGGGG! I hate those mornings.. My favorite till this day, the old man who flashed me! Well he dropped his pants. Freakazoid! lol ~M