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Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Went to bed too early last night...then couldn't sleep after two hours.....had a few cups of coffee this morning.

Peace.....(she says really fast)


Michael C said...

What a great picture. I stayed up late into the early moring blogging(does that even make sense..I'm so effing tired).

I'll look like that photo as soon as I get to work and start mainlining the high octane java my coworkers tend to percolate!

Hang in there, on the East Coast your work day is much further ahead of mine which hasn't even started yet!

Odat said...

omg michael..both those posts were so worth it!!! Bravo!!

MyHeartHurts said...

I know that feeling! Sad to say, coffee has lost it's effect! lol but I still need my fix! Thank you Starbucks. ~M Ps. love the picture.

Michael C said...

Now hopefully the sleep fairy or whatever the heck it is will be good to me tonight because I am exhausted!!

That's the let down of consuming so much coffee!

meloncutter said...

I am setting here sucking down coffee like a fiend. I have to pull an overnighter tonight for a cleaning project at work.

I have sincere hopes that within the next hour I strongly resemble that picture.

Thank you for providing me a goal for my caffiene indulgence.

Later Yall.

Odat said...

Melon, Let's hope you DON'T resemble that pic....lmao...