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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Oh the load I carry!

I'm seriously beginning to consider not going to the gym at all anymore. Why, you may ask? BeCause I carry enough crap with me to work that I don't need a gym or weights and I walk so much I don't need the treadmill or stairmaster. What I do need is a pack animal. A llama perhaps....(but I doubt that they'll allow an animal on the subway). (There enough of them already).......I'm going to weigh my briefcase later to see how much of a workout I'm truly getting....Gotta cut down on the load.....(My hand bag is another thing...I NEED everything I have in there...up to an including that stale pack of gum and old bandaids).......Ya know where I can get a llama wholesale????? ;-)



C said...

You may need a faster moving animal. Like a horse. No one wants to get their foot stomped by a horse. It would sure clear a path for you.

Michael C said...

Have you thought about an Aplaca? I hear there farms are a great investment ;-)

Will anyone ever devlop a combo briefcase/purse...a pursecase if you will?

MyHeartHurts said...

Ummm thats a Camel... isn't it? I think my pocketbook weighs 50pds. Ridculous.. but I need everything in there too. LOL! Well I think I do. Funny thing is, every time I say I am going to buy a smaller bag they just keep getting bigger! Be well! ~M We need man slaves I think to do all our carrying! lol

Odat said...

Great ideas.....I'll get a horse to ride...a pursecase to hang on the horse...and a ride the saddle with me......lmaoooooo!!!

C said...

Just get saddle bags.