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Saturday, August 05, 2006


Ok...I woke up this morning with this song in my head, part of one line goes "..........turning into butterflies across our nation.............." (wonder if it's my new butterfly tatoo that caused that), but anyway I often wake up with a song playing in my head.....and it's often indicative that I'm in a good mood. So it's a good thing, mind you. At least I think so, altho there are those out there (psychoanalysts perhaps) that may think differently...but I don't care what they think. So there! LOL.'s the the song I mentioned ....and the winner gets 100 points! a song with the word butterfly in it (title or lyrics) and the winner will get a free 90 day pass to Michael's Blog Rehab Center (if and when the time comes) (I hope Michael will back me up on this one.....;-)



Just D said...

Joni Mitchell... Woodstock

Odat said... was woodstock...but wasn't thinking the joni mitchell song....sooo how bout I give you 50 points!!!!!

David said...

joni wrote it - CSN played it first
her version is so good

Odat said...

alrighty then.....both of you get 100 points to be used to buy any of our promotional items on sale during this week only.......Peace

MyHeartHurts said...

Ok... I am going to have dwnld it because I don't know the song. :) ~M