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Friday, December 01, 2006

6 Weird Memo

Sunflower // was kind enough to tag me to list 6 weird things about myself! Since I've already posted nine of them on October 25, 2006, this will bring my total up to 15!
1. I have to stick my feet outside my covers when I sleep.
2. I love peanut butter on my apples.
3. When I get off the train in the morning to go to work, I always walk a different route for my one mile walk to my office.
4. I have to make the bed before I leave the house, no matter how messy the rest of the place is.
5. I get pedicures in the winter.
6. I'm addicted to gum. Even if I'm not chewing it, I panic if I don't have some with me.



Skittles said...

I love peanut butter on apples. Try them on the side when eating popcorn :)

Claudia said...

I love peanut butter and apples too!

The CEO said...

I need to try peanut butter and apples. Must get peanut butter.


I never bother with my bed. I figure I'm just going to sleep in it again the next night. :)