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Saturday, December 02, 2006


We had an evacuation drill at my office on Thurday. We "practice" a lot since we've been in our new location. There's really no humor in it at all, being that we lost many employees on 9/11 and I lost a lot of friends. That being said, I just wanted to share something with you. All of us have been given "Go Bags" to be taken with us every time we have one of these drills. And if it's real emergency, it's our "survival kit". Ha! Here's what's in it:

- A map for the subway (just in case they may be working after a terrrorist attack)
- A map of the bus routes - (if you can catch one fleeing the City)
- A map for New Jersey- (In case you can get there before they lock down the bridges and tunnels)
- One lil tiny teeny pen flash light (good for getting thru the darkness of buildings that are being blown up)
- One plastic whistle - (in case I need to whistle a lil tune to get your attention in the fire before it melts in my mouth)
- One little radio with earphones and batteries (ok maybe this is useful).
- One Triangular bandage 40"x40"x56" (don't know the significance of the measurements, but it was most likely bought from the lowest bidder) I guess that'll do if I sever an arm or leg (I'm short enough).
- One instant ice pack (good for about 5 seconds).
- Five (5) antiseptic towettes. (to cleanse the severed limbs, I suppose.)
- Three (3) band aids, in case the injury is non life threatening.
- 0.9 ounces of bacitracin....(in case the injury is really, really small. at least it won't get infected)
- One survival "wrap" - in case I go into shock cause I'm getting ready to die because I don't have a bigger "GO BAG")
- Two flimsy dust masks (this will help with anthrax inhalations!)
- Two bags of "emergency drinking water" 4.22 fl. oz. each).

Yes, I'm making light of all this....I have to!

The question of the day is: Will I or won't I survive? ;-)


brat said...

My GO BAG consists of:
Hazmat Suit, Millenium Gas Mask w/ voice amp and a spare respirator, chem tape, eyewash solution, latex gloves, hazmat waste bag, booties, first aid kit, gemacidal wipes and a decon towal.......amongst MANY other items........but NO MAPS cause we arent allowed to run anywhere !

Skittles said...

I wonder if Blogger will give me a Go Bag? *sigh* Probably not.

ian said...

I don't have a "GO BAG" - I suspect construction supply warehouses are pretty low on the list of potential terrorist targets. If I DID have one, though, I expect it would have the following:

-Louisville Slugger (low-tech expedient for fighting off irradiated survivors or zombies)
-Peanutty M & Ms, because they're necessary for survival
-Red Bull (in case I need to fly)
-A towel (the most massively useful thing you can carry)
-A 240-lb. loader edge (because if people see me lugging around a huge piece of yellow metal, they're going to think I'm a serious badass and leave me alone)
-Candles, matches, and a CD of 80's love songs (hey, you never know)

You're a Recommended Link for December. Enjoy the extra attention!


Claudia said...

I had no idea! Hugs to you...

Michael C said...

Thatis so weird! Those were the exact same contents of my stocking last Christmas...

Odat said...

brat, Come by and get me on your way!

Skittles, Maybe we'll all donate one item to your go bag. Hope that makes ya feel better! ;-)

Ian, You forgot the can of Raid!!
And thanks sooooo much for the shout out for December...that's so nice!!!!!!!! ;-)))))

Claudia, Thanks so much!

Michael,'re nuts!

brat said...

i have extra respirators just for you !!

Karmyn R said...

three bandaids? Sheesh - that wouldn't last me two minutes. So, who came up with these bags? Were they free handouts or did your company actually buy them for you?

mist1 said...

When I worked in an office, we had an evacuation drill at 5 p.m. every day.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I'm just going to take my bag of leftover loot from Halloween.

I'm really sorry about your lost friends. I knew people, too. Working in NYC must be a constant reminder.

The CEO said...

Four of us had dinner tonight just outside Washington, DC where we live. We talked about evacuation plans. We can't get into or out of the city under normal circumstances, add a little panic. If it's a nuke, I'm going to stand and point at it. Everyone there is going to point with me. We have total belief in the leadership and the evacuation plan, whatever it is.

Kiyotoe said...

you strike me as the kind of cat that will find a way to survive.

btw, can i have the plastic whistle......i mean, if you're not gonna keep it.


You will survive! But not thanks to the 'go bag.' You better add Hershey’s bars and a flask of vodka to your bag for good measure. :)

Lizza said...

What, no laptop with a fully-charged battery so you can at least blog about your experience before you're rescued (or before you go to blog heaven?)

MyHeartHurts said...

WOW! Now that really scares me... we have those drills to but we don't have a bag. What is this world coming too..... M BE SAFE!