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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Pugs and Planes

The dog made me late for work today. Yes he did.
I walk my dog early, like at 5:00 AM. I usually take him for a long walk. It wakes me up and it's a quiet time to be out. My neighborhood is usually safe so I don't have any fears of pscho killers lurking. But I do live near some airports. Although no planes fly directly overhead, I can see them taking off and landing in the distance and when its cloudy out I hear the engines faintly. However, my dog must hear them loudly! Since it's the holidays I assume there's more "plane traffic" at the wee hours of the morning because there were quite a number of planes I saw landing this morning. As my dog is going about his business, sniffing every square inch of dirt and left over grass....and when a plane flies over he lifts his head...perks up his ears...looks up into the sky and just stares in a trance until the noise is gone. I wish I had a camera! He only did this about five times this morning....looked like he was on some good drugs when he got that look on his lil smushed in face. I don't have the heart to hurry him up so I stood there like a dope waiting with him. And that, boss, is why I'm late for work!



Matt-Man said...

My cat will stare for minutes at the ceiling or a wall. It's like she is getting a message from a celestial Mother Ship.

Claudia said...

my old neighbors in Balti had a black pug....he used to go crazy after the birds...he would run back and forth barking at them, defending the house from those flying was so funny!

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Work will always be there, but moments communing with your dog are part of your real life.

What are they gonna do, fire you? I don't think so.

Crankster said...

Not a bad reason to be late--you were meditating, watching your dog approach doggy nirvana.

Polyman3 said...

Walk my dog at night,
he likes to pee everywhere.
Are you by Kennedy or Laquardia?

Anyway, came by to wish you
Happy holidays.

Pickled Olives said...

What a pleasant way to start your day! peace.

Lee said...

You are a good dog mommy. I, on the other hand, am a bad influence.

Odat said...

Matt, Yes, it was just like that! Do you think.......???? nah!

lol, my dog too defends his territory. He thinks he's a 200 lb. German Sheppard!

Heart, As always, you have a lovely way of seeing things..thanks!

What I want to know is when will I reach MY nirvana!

Polyman, How nice of you to stop by with holiday wishes! Bach at cha to you and yours..and peace.
(I'm really closer to NLIA...on S.I.)

Pickled, yes it was indeed!

Lee, yes you are bad...but funny!

Michael C said...

The dog made me late, huh? Yeah, that one will 'fly'


Lizza said...

LOL. I wonder what your dog was thinking as he watched the planes. I hope it's something more than just "WTF is that thing up there?"

Skittles said...

Try to get some pictures :)

Kiyotoe said...

sounds like as good an explanation as any. at least your dog didn't bark at every falling leaf in the middle of the fall season.

talk about long walks. pssshhh...

MyHeartHurts said...

5 am.... that's honest to goodness true love! WOW!~!!! I would be late all the time! ~M and not because of love.