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Saturday, December 30, 2006

George Foreman's Hot

I cooked my George Foreman grill. That's right, cooked it. Almost cooked the house too.

It started out innocently enough. I used this grill all the time. The problem was that I didn't have enough counter space for what I was doing at the time so I used the stove top to place the grill on. (It's flat! was one of those nice electric top stoves). I was going to boil some rice along with the grilled vegetables I was making. So I got the pot out and filled it with water, placed it on the OTHER burner and turned on the stove.

Went into the living room to watch the news. All of a sudden I heard this cracking, sizzling type sound and thought..hmmm...vegetables aren't suppose to sizzle like that nor are they supposed to smell like burning plastic!!! Yikes! I ran into the kitchen only to observe that the George Foremen grill was up in flames! I pulled the plug out...grabbed my oven mitts, and threw it out the side door. Was lucky!

The whole house stunk to high heaven like burning plastic. Turned on the attic fan and had to vacate the house for about 4 hours.

I have never replaced my George Foremen grill, may it rest it peace.



My Heart Runneth Over said...

Hmmm.. maybe that's a sign to stay out of the kitchen! At least next time make the cute firemen come!

Mind in the guttter so sorry! Just can't help but imagining cute sexy buff fireman with no shirt of course rushing over to save me as I burn the house down!

All the best! ~M

Michael C said...

See, it does work as a weight control lean-cooking machine. You had to leave the house and didn't feel like eating after, right? It does work!!

Now aren't you glad you decided to keep blogging?
Happiest of New Years to you!!!!!!!!!

Skittles said...

Oh no!

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Yikes! There is nothing worse than the smell of burning plastic, to say nothing of the noxious fumes it produces.

I hope nobody reports you to George or your ass is glass.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

well i sure hope you get to go out for a nice quiet dinner somewhere.... it seems only fitting to me. bee

Lee said...

Gee whiz Odat. First James Brown, then Gerald Ford, then Saddam Hussein...and now your George Forman! Hope the new year brings something better!

The CEO said...

Come sit down with my wife and I'll cook. Please.

Happy New Year.

Odat said...

My, I like the new name!!! and yes i thought about the cute firemen!! but was too embarrased!

michael, yes, it is the lean machine!!! so lean I can't see it anymore! lol.

skittles, oh yes!

Heart, omg i thought i was doing to die from those fumes..that's why i vacated the house...and please don't tell george..i is ascarred of him!

yes...we ate out that night and for the next couple of nights until I was trusted again in the kitchen..lmao.

lee, yeah, poor george!

ceo, I know you'll take good care of us too! Thanks


Aisby said...

My mil bought us a George Forman, but we've never used it...we live in South's always warm enough to grill outside.

Lizza said...

That must've given you quite a scare. I'm glad it didn't get out of hand. Now, what's the next cooking device that Odat will try out? :-)

Crankster said...

This sounds familiar. My wife cooked a silicon oven mitt last year. Personally, I cooked the carafe for my cuisinart.

I need to get a gas stove.