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Monday, October 02, 2006

Aaarrrggghhh Monday and "E" Word Day!!!!

Yes it's here again! Monday!!! Aarrgghh!!! I'm still waiting for it to be Funday!

Now before you read on let me warn you, my "E" word is not for the faint of heart:

Emesis (n.): "an act of instance of vomiting."

As in Mondays cause emesis? Hey don't blame me...I just point and come up with a word...and there it was, right under my finger in the dictionary.It's a good word....use it instead of puking or throwing up or retching or barfing or hurling .....Really. "Sorry boss, I'm taking a sick day today because my emesis just won't go away". Mi Emesis! A new song perhaps? Has a nice ring to it....or err, gutteral sound? I have to go now, I feel sick.


Michael C said...

Woo word. Come to think of it, when you suffer vertigo, have had too much to drink or drank the milk that was 8 weeks past its expiration date, emesis is your nemesis. "It's ok, I only threw up a little, in my mouth."
;-) Sorry that struck me as amusing...

Happy Funday!! Monday haters unite!

MyHeartHurts said...

I am feeling smarter with every word.... Thank you!

I'll need it as I am sitting here.. watching Prison Break just so I can see Dominic Purcell or "Linc" as he is called on the tv series....

At least I know by watching him instead of something gross I will definately not emesis! (lol) I am sure that is the totally wrong way to put that in a sentence!