Life isn't about how to survive the storm, but how to dance in the rain!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Not the past tense of fly.

I have to go to work.

I want to stay in bed.

But I can't.

(poor me) :-(

So, see the movie below for you entertainment today....bring some popcorn!!!


Lizza said...

This is brilliant. A whole range of negative emotions in a few simple words. Makes me want to scream with envy!

Bikerbabenj said...

Feel better (((((((((((((Odat))))))))))))))

GhostRose said...

Wow. Reading this blog, I get the feeling that you really don't like MOndays (or work in general). Here's a tip, scream/growl/swear loudly just befoer you get out of bed on weekdays. It might not make you feel better but it'll make the people you live with laugh. Then you can accuse them being a morning lover and hit them with a cereal box. If you're lucky it'll develop into a full scale house war and no one will manage to get to work. :-)

mist1 said...

Get well soon. I'm getting a flu shot.

Michael C said...

Hang in there. I hope you feel better!! Maybe you can get everyone at work sick and they'll have to close the place down!

the laughorist said...

Poetically stated. Hope you feel better. Do you know of this from "Even Cowgirls Get the Blues"? Call in well. Tell them you were sick from the day you started the job, and now you are well. You are calling in well and won't be in any more. If only.

thethinker said...

Get better soon.

If you want to take any anger out on whoever is making you go to work, just aim a few sneezes in their direction and karma will work it's magic.

Odat said...

Thanks all for all your best wishes!!! I feel better already.

Pickled Olives said...

Mondays always sucks until Wednesdays.

Love the video! I saw that before. Just as funny the second time around!

C said...

Go get some narcotics from your doctor. It's entertaining.

Claudia said...

I hope you feel better soon!!