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Monday, October 09, 2006

FUNDAY !!! yes!

Hey, it truly is Funday today! It's a holiday and I have off from work and I intend to have some fun!!! I believe that's what makes Funday a fun day. So what am I doing up at this ungodly hour instead of being snug in bed catching a few extra Zzz's? I guess I'm just so excited with anticipation of Funday. It's also Columbus Day....which I suppose could be a fun thing. After all he is credited with the discovery of this fine land (although I hear that may be up for grabs by those Vikings...(I love a man with a hat). And there'll be a parade...(I love a la la)
Actually I don't anymore....But I digress...the point is that I just wanted to wish those who want to be wished a "Happy Columbus Day"!

I think I'll do a little shopping today and catch all those sales......I think I may need some shoes ;-)

Have a wonderful day!



brat said...

ohhhhhhh my god.........stay out of the store !!!!!!!!

Michael C said...

Well that must be nice. In the worst bit of irony ever, the inventor of Funday has to work!!

Enjoy your day, because I won't ;-)

Hopefully there won't be as much traffic today, but that's of little comfort.

mist1 said...

Columbus must have been a shoe whore. I respect that.

thethinker said...

It seems as if everybody has the day off EXCEPT me. Darn.

C said...

Shoes are a great way to celebrate - discovery of anything.

lastonehere said...

The day would have been better if I was lucky enough to also have it off.
You are so lucky.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I hope it was truly a Funday. Did you find some great shoes?

ShadowFalcon said...

Funday! Hope you had a fantastic time and found some lovely shoes.

Odat said...

One pair of Eye Talian shoes...for the occasion!!!! Not bad!!!
(could've been a lot worse!)
I'm gonna have "fun" "happy dancing" in them too!!!!!!!

MyHeartHurts said...

O poo! I had to work. I am sooooo jealous about your long weekend! ~M