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Friday, October 20, 2006

Meme IV

I've been "chosen" again for a tag.....(thanks to Lastonehere, whom I plan on getting back at sometime in the future (lol))!

Five things I would do if I were a millionaire:

  1. Take a trip around the world (in my own jet, of course!)
  2. Buy a house, with a wrap around porch, on a secluded beach, near an ocean, with palm trees.
  3. Donate some or set up a foundation for Alzheimers research and/or cure.
  4. Hire a live in personal trainer and chef.
  5. And of course ensure that my family and even some friends are well taken care of.
Five bad habits:

  1. I buy things I don't need.
  2. I'm very selfish
  3. I chew gum constantly.
  4. I love junk food.
  5. I'm a control freak.

Five things I hate doing:

  1. Commuting to work.
  2. Ironing.
  3. Getting my ass to the gym.
  4. Listening to people whine.
  5. Grocery shopping.

Five things I would never do: ( I found this one a little tough, because I think I've done just about or maybe close to everything, lol), except the following:

  1. Kill someone
  2. Bungee jump
  3. Have plastic surgery
  4. Eat liver
  5. Deliberately hurt someone

Five things I regret doing:

  1. Pursuing the career I have and not the one I really love.
  2. Not having a better relationship with my brother.
  3. Not following what my heart tells me to be true.
  4. Not playing enough.
  5. Leaving home the way I did.

Five favorite things:

  1. The change of seasons (I change with them and it gives me a chance to renew myself).
  2. Sleeping a little later on weekends.
  3. Laughing and bringing smiles to people's faces.
  4. My dog.
  5. Sunrises and sunsets.

(I'm going to tag:

Boondoggled; Laugh More, Love More; Studio Twenty Three)



ShadowFalcon said...

Liver is ukg...and we are all control freaks in our own way

have a good weekend

not so common said...

Every breath you take gives you another opportunity not only to follow your heart or pursue that other career, but also to throw away that dang on gum! lol

Michael C said...

I wasn't going to tag you with this one, but you got tagged anyway. Seriously, thanks for sharing with us.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Nice. And you're not selfish if you would donate to Alzheimer's research. You're pretty cool, actually. Deal with it.

Lizza said...

Good list. Sunrises and sunsets--they're so romantic.