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Friday, October 20, 2006

Holy Moley!

I just saw that I have 300 posts!!! That's really incredible because I fought tooth and nail with my blogger idol, Boondoggled, about blogging! She told me it was fun, it was addictive. I told her bulldonkey...I haven't got time for this...what would I write..and who would really care.

Well, I tried it. I approached it in a way whereas I would just write a thought or two I was having at the moment. I didn't care if anyone read it because I was doing it for me. It would become my therepy notebook. I did my first post in December 2005 and didn't think I would be here almost a year later and so much richer. I've been exposed to a whole new world. I love reading other blogs. Each one of them so different from the next. Just like people! And I've formed new "blog" friendships with people from all over the world. I find that incredible. I was just messaging a fellow blogger about having a convention of bloggers so we can all meet some day. I'd love it!

It's become fun! And as long as it is, I'll keep doing it. And like so many of you have mentioned, I view the world now as "Will that make a good post"? I always have to have my pad with me in case an idea pops up. I'll be the middle of say, a meeting at work, and pull out my pad and tell a co worker, "That'll make for great blogging!" Non bloggers just don't get it. Oh well, I've always been the "different" one. And I love it!

"It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them".
- Ralph Waldo Emerson


Bikerbabenj said...

Well, I for one, on a mushy note, love reading your blog (or diary as you once referred to it) It gives us more levels to connect on, which we had the foundation before you started this.

You have a very imaginative, creative, witty and demonstrative mind and this is your forum.

Run with it! and keep on blogging!!

Lee said...

Blogging definitely makes me look at the world in a different way.

" this blogworthy?"

I think it's a fascinating phenomena. Besides I can't think of another activity in recent years that more actively promotes creative thinking, reading and writing!

p.s. tag noted!

mist1 said...

The blogging pad is my secret weapon.

Just D said...

You can stop calling me your idol now. "Empress D, Mistress & Queen of the Universe and all that is Holy," is sufficient.


MyHeartHurts said...

I love it too. I think of all of you as friends! I constantly keep blogging notes and I make lists of things zi want to blog about too!

It would be great if we could all meet! I would love it! ~M

Michael C said...

CONGRATS!!! Wow, 300? That's so awesome! I don't know about your coworkers, but I think mine are getting tired of me refer to my blog everyday!

Thanks for your continued blogship and here's to 300 more great posts (which hopefully won't have hairy naked men escaping burning blazes)!

lastonehere said...

Those who don’t under stand the joy of blogging are cheating themselves. With the exception of Ian, I tell no one at my work about my blog. Not because I say bad things about them, because I don’t think they care. There loss, I hold some of you that I have never met in higher regard than people I have known for years.

BTW a group thing would be cool, I only have been doing this for a few months so I only know a few of you. I can’t imagine how it would be for some of you more popular people

Odat said...

So when are you starting yours?????
(Thank you!)

Yeah I so agree...this has got me reading all sorts of things and researching all over the place to look for fodder....I don't do that much reading for work nor did I for

So I see.

Just D,
Yeah right!

you're so sweet. thanks.

how bout some hairy naked women????

Thanks for your comments and thanks for visiting. I'm certain you'll know lots more of us "blogaholics" soon enough.


heartinsanfrancisco said...

You're so right. I started mine in mid-June and haven't been the same since. I also think about meeting some of my blogger buddies, and wonder if that would change the way we relate to each other. Blogging seems so pure, in a sense, as if we share the essence of a friendship without the other stuff that often gets in the way.

Since yours is one of my favorites, it's reassuring to know you're not going anywhere soon.