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Saturday, October 07, 2006

"H" word stream of consienceness

Happy, hungry, hallucinating heathens

Harboring hairbrained hartlots.....Hallelujah!

Happy hour?

No I've not been drinking...just doing my "H" word assignment!!! Yeah, I know..I know...but it's all I can come up with today.....;-)



Meloncutter said...

hmmmmmm, handily humping horny hairbrained harlots, henry hoped heartily his humper had helped.

Later Yall......

Michael C said...

"H"eavens to betsy, that was pretty good work for H. Oh, by the way...tag!!

Odat said...

ha ha...hilarious!!!

thanks again!!! just wait!! I'll get ya someday!! and I'm saying this before I even know what the effing tag