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Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Nose prints on the windows of my car,
A source of irritation insofar
As I like to see outside
When I'm going for a ride,
But the snot makes the scenery bizarre!

(It never fails, everytime I get my car washed to go somewhere lil snot dog..messes up the windows, makes the car smell, hairs up the I mean why should I bother???geeze! Yes I realize I should maybe keep him out of the car. But that's not feasible....So I should shaddup already? Snotted windows are my destiny??? Oh well, it could be worse I suppose.

P.S. No I haven't forgotten my "I" word.



Bikerbabenj said...

Is "ICK" a word? just wondering...

mist1 said...

I have snotty windows too. More accurately, a streak down the driver's side. But I don't have a dog.

Michael C said...

That was a great bit of rhymin'. I really liked your timin'. I'll take dog snot and hair occasionally in the car over Lucy and Ethel's daily grubby fingerprints on the windows. That stuff is hard to get off!

Odat said...

Ick, by itself is not a word, but I've found that "icky" is actually a word, meaning distasteful or lacking sophistication. So is that what you're saying???? huh???
lol...p.s. I'm not using that as my I word....

I would watch myself if I were you!

Ha ha....fellow poet...
Love the Lucy and Ethel pun!

heartinsanfrancisco said...

But look at that face! Nobody puts Snotty in the corner.


Do you really refer to your daughters as Lucy and Ethel? I love it!!

MyHeartHurts said...

Use dryer sheets to keep the car smelling clean,
keep the windows open so you can feel the breeze in your hair...always keep a lint brush on hand... because, well you just never know!

:) Let there be sunshine and smiles all the time! ~M

C said...

You should get a doggy bag with the screen windows

ShadowFalcon said...

Inconceivevable < like in the princess bride.

Dog Snot window...if hes not long ears roll the windows down!