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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Oatmeal Soup

Have you ever heard of oatmeal soup? It's apparently a new thing here in NYC.
Went out to lunch yesterday to get some soup...(cause that's what one eats when one is sick). The deli s here have the soups in big black kettles right in the aisle so you can just grab an insulated bowl thingy with a top and serve yourself. There's tags on all of them indicating what type of soup is in each of them. So there I was...reading the labels...chicken noodle, chicken rice, chicken chile, vegetable beef, pea, plain vegetable, and "oatmeal". Ok, remember now I'm feeling really lousy, so I'm not thinking in my usual effervescient frame of mind here, and I say to my co-worker, I NEVER HEARD OF OATMEAL SOUP!!!!!! She just gave me one of those looks, that said...OOOOKKKKKKKKK! (it was really oatmeal, not soup.)



Lizza said...

Oatmeal soup. I think I'd rather stay sick than eat that. ;-)

Lee said...

LOL! I was with you the whole way.

brat said...

ooooooookayyyyy, I DON'T KNOW YOU !!!!!

Michael C said...

I've gotten sick and it looked liked oatmeal soup, but that my friend is a different story entirely!

Crankster said...

So which soup did you get?

Claudia said...

That's so something I would do too!!

Pickled Olives said...

I love soup so much, I was waiting for a tasty new recipe. eww, not as much of an oatmeal fan.

MyHeartHurts said...

LOL... well being in New York and from New York I would have been there right with you! There always coming up with wierd concoctions! LOOK at the menu for the soup man... or hale and hearty and by the way when did soup get so damn expensive? lol ~M

Odat said...

Lizza, lol, actually it wasn't WAS oatmeal..(i fixed my posting..)

Lee, thanks!

Brat, Yes you do!!!

That's exactly what I needed to hear, feeling sick and all...thanks my friend!

Chicken chile, of course!

I'm so glad I'm not

So new recipe...just dopey me thinking that it was a new soup!

you're so right...with all those new concoctions out there...ya never know!

heartinsanfrancisco said...

It sounds like deception in advertising. If the kettle was among other kettles containing soups, one had every right to assume it held soup, too.

Besides, there is always some weird concoction that Other People eat that makes you go ewwww in the night.

Oatmeal IS rather like soup, now that you mention it.


Ha! I was totally thinking oatmeal soup, too, (whatever that is!) until I got to the last part of your post.

Anonymous said...

I love Oatmeal soup... My friend is a Scot (I'm Mexican) and he made this. I wasn't picky because it smells wonderful.

You Americans have no sense of culinary adventure... Even if you guys saw the process of making a burger or a hot dog you guys still wouldn't say, "Ewww... I'm not gonna eat that!"

But if you guys hear "Oatmeal Soup" and it's like, "ewww!" Well, it's very lovely. Very rib-sticking and very flavorful with beef and heavy cream. The oats taste like pasta and feel a little like rice on the tongue.

I made my own version... It's a Mexican take on it and very spicy with a lot of cilantro. Also great.

You guys should really taste Oatmeal Soup at least once.