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Thursday, October 05, 2006


Well..I'll leave my "G" word for another day.....because I've been so so busy at work...(yeah but i do find the time to read blogs....ha!) My brain is fried this week actually....I'm finding that I'm either getting really, really absent minded, early alzheimers, or adult onset attention deficit disorder.

I just can't remember stuff!....I usually write lists....then don't look at them. When I do peruse them and start to do something, I get distracted by something else.

At home for example, I'm on my way out the door, I look for my keys, then I see that the counter needs to be cleared. While I'm there I notice there's mail to be opened. I start opening the "bills" and realize I need new checks. I get the checks out and see that the files are out of order. Then I find some old cards I saved in the files and start reading them and get all teary eyed, and this reminds me to make a list to call some old friends. From there it's onto my phone book to look for numbers to bring with me to work. By now, it's getting late and I remember that I'm looking for my keys! Shit! Where are they? I'm really not obsessive.....It's just one of those weeks I'm not in the "flow" of things. And when that happens everything is just so difficult! Time for easy breathing......easy, like a Sunday morning. (Actually, I think I'm just tired, really, really tired)...... and I've just been tagged too, geeze...I'll work on that later. Should be fun!



Meloncutter said...

Damn.... I was going to make a comment, but I forgot what it was. Shit!!! Who's blog am I at? Dammit!


DO I???? Er duh... ah

Well Crap in a luchbasket. If ya aint got nuttin to say just sign off. This is an IM screen isnt it?

Where Am I?

Keys....? I have keys.

(and now you know my normal state of mind.)

Later Yall....

ShadowFalcon said...

Oh no its can't be I thought it was dead the Evil Crazy Frog, that thing even had a single over here, get it away it burns it burns...

I went back to work yesterday and realised I'd left my Oyster (bus pass) at home, when I got home I was very tempted to just go back to bed...I should have given in.

Michael C said...

Don't worry, we're all still crazy after all these years. It's just a temporary insanity I'm sure. Oh yeah, I was going to tag you too, in fact, I guess I am...sorry

heartinsanfrancisco said...

It sounds like you're on overload. It makes shit happen. (There's your "s" word, when you get to it.)

Hey, I tagged you for the secrets meme and I'm still waiting to see what you come up with.

But no offense. Peace!

brat said...

sounds like my pattern of behavior !!!!!!........when you figure out why it's done, let me know !!!!!!!!

MyHeartHurts said...


you sound like me...

damn mind like the autobahn on crack! lol


Than... well i don't know i forgot! Ciao bella bambina! Ciao!~M