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Thursday, October 12, 2006

What's Next?

With the onslaught of recalls lately - spinach, lettuce, beef - along with the news that claims women who consume cola (diet or regular) have a lower bone density in their hips, I've been forced to take notice! My daily food consumption includes all of the above! Now what???
Chicken? Endive? Seven-up??? Somehow it's just not the same. Oh what to do?

And now, it looks like I may have to quit my job too, unless I learn sign language or read lips.
I just read about a new study that claims subway noise is so loud, it can make you deaf! "Riding the train for just 30 minutes a day can eventually lead to permanent hearing damage" according to researchers at Columbia University.

"Subway noise" averages about 95 decibels.
I found out that EPA standards recommend keeping exposure to 100 decibels of noise to less than 90 seconds!!! Yes, seconds!!!
Riding the subway is now comparable to listening to a chainsaw for 30 minutes, hearing a jet plane take off, a rock concert, a power mower, gun shots, all of which are within 30 more decibels than "subway noise".

Well, until they come up with a subway that will get me to my destination in less than 90 seconds or they put rubber wheels on those cars, like I said, I just may have to quit!!!



brat said...

buy an i-pod !

Just D said...

No no no, I-Pods are too cliche.. that is why I bought an IRiver, very few people has heard of it but it does the same thing.

We must assert our uniqueness dammit.

Michael C said...

You know, in California, you could probably leave your job and claim disability because of the subway thing. Actually, you probably could because of the food worries too...

Truly the Golden State ;-)
Enjoy your Almost Friday Day.

mist1 said...

How come they can make a subway that will make you go deaf, but they can't make one that will make you loose your sense of smell? I hate the smell of the subway.

laffinlawyerl said...

at rush hour u get a sexual experience for two lousy bucks..

MyHeartHurts said...

DEar Lord... what's next????Cotton Candy???? ~~M

heartinsanfrancisco said...

We went to a Rush concert once. My hearing hasn't been the same since, and I hated them besides.

I remember commuting on the NY subway. Ear plugs should have been issued at the turnstile, and I learned to wear pointed shoes to deter gropers and to hold my breath for 40 minutes.

There must be a law that compensates for alternate means of transportation because of the unhealthy levels of stress induced by the subway.

I couldn't believe how clean the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) and the Paris Metro are by comparison. Why don't you move here or to France?

Odat said...

Brat and D....
The study went on to say that combining ipods and of course "IRivers "would only increase the intensity of the noise!

Great idea! (smacking my forehead)!

i wear garlic around my neck.

I gotta get it someplace!!!

Geeze, let's hope not.

Yeah there should be a law!
And hey, I love San Fran. and Paris!!! I just may consider that!