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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Haiku, Haiku, Can You??

My Drive To Work Haiku:

Painted sun on rise
No need for lowered visor
Clouds got in the way



Matt said...

Who dat!?

not so common said...

Nice. Peaceful. Thanks.

Matt-Man said...

Sun has been covered
The darkening day has come
It's cloudy n'shit.

* (asterisk) said...

I wake. I walk down-
stairs to eat and shower. Up-
stairs. I work from home.

Odat said...

Matt...who dat what?????

Hey Twinhead!! thanks!!

Matt Man:
The clouds have moved on
The sun is now out n'shit
So I'm happy now.

I'm so jealous of
Those that don't commute so far,
Falling out of bed!

Michael C said...

Very nice...sorry about the weather.

Danielle said...

Great photo and haiku. I love when the clouds and sun interact like that. My pictures of wonders like that never come out as I see them though.

I write poetry but have never attempted haikus. Hats off to you.

I told you I'd be back, sweets.

Lee said...

Daffodils nodding
in the mischevious breeze
Wake up sleepy Earth!

Lee said...
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Pickled Olives said...

Nice Haiku!!!! my drive to work was not so cloudy, but I did have an old guy in a caddy that wouldn't drive fast enough to reach the 25 mph speed limit!!!! Grrrr

Odat said...

Michael, don't be sorry, it wasn't your fault....(or was it??????, says my evil twin.. grrrrr)

danielle, Hey..thanks for coming back...;-) and thanks!!!


Pickled...Oh I can so relate to that....don't ya just wannna plow into him???? Don't they know our time is more valuable and stuff???

ian said...

Yesterday's sunset
Was like your picture above
Though over mountains


Odat said...


Mountains where you live
Are magnificant beauties
Wish I could see them

Sunrunner said...

I did one, but it's on my blog!