Life isn't about how to survive the storm, but how to dance in the rain!

Friday, March 02, 2007



It's been a real fun week for me,
In spite that I've been monkey-free!
Green light days occurred all week,
And now it's time for Happy Feet!!!!

This mushroom walked into a dance club and asked this girl to dance.
She replied, "Are you kidding? You are a mushroom!!"
And the mushroom replied, "Oh come on. I am a FUN GUY!!"

What do you call a one legged dancer? Eileen

Now dance your way to the weekend!!!!



Roger said...

haha good jokes at least the mushroom didn't say he was a shittalkie..have a great dance this weekend!!!

Just D said...

I was driving through Savannah the other day, close to downtown, and saw where they were painting a row house that exact pink as your sidebar over ----------> there.

I have no idea why I thought you'd want to know that. lol

SGT DUB said...

Happy Dance Friday, speaking of dancing, the Washington Redskin Cheerleaders are here, I haven't been seen with a cheerleader since....Christmas. Glad your week was great, now cap it off with a great weekend.

Odat said...

Roger..funny...and thanks!

D, I would like my house to be that color...!

Sgt. Woohooo...look out...Sgt is gonna be cheering!!!

Lizza said...

Okay, I had to re-read those jokes before I got the punchline. :-D

Happy Dance Friday!

Matt-Man said...

I have a sister named Eileen. I used to harvest portabellos from a tiny little vehicle. There wasnt mushroom to move about. Have a good weekend odat...Cheers!!

not so common said...

I don't know how you did it, but I actually feel like dancing. Thanks much and have a geat weekend!

Kiyotoe said...

A Fun Guy, huh?? Very

Happy Dance Friday Odat. You just got my day started off right. ;)

Michael C said...

Enjoyed the dance. Have a great weekend!!

The CEO said...

Thanks, I needed this! Really.