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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Thursday Thrills...

One Delivering Arousing Touches

Get Your Sexy Name

Odat, and her evil twin.

Orphan-Devouring Abomination from the Tower

Get Your Monster Name

All these things this week are "too busy, too lazy, to sit down and write something for the blog" week. So I hope all these lil items are keeping y'all entertained....they did me! ;-)

If you'd like to read a story about how I met my blog idol, Boondoogled, go here Very very interesting, to say the least.



Roger said...

Hey Odat is your knee still bothering you? watch out for lionroos haha

SGT DUB said...

ok, I went and got my monster name too, thanks,

Matt-Man said...

M.A.T.T.M.A.N.: Man Administering Thrilling Touches and Matchless, Arousing Necking....Oh yeah Baby. Cheers!!

Odat said...

roger, My knee seems fine now, thanks for asking. I think I saw one of the roo thingys this morning! :-d

Sgt. Hehe..I saw it.

Mattman, oooolala!!!! ;-)


Claudia said...

these are fun!!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

hi odat! don't worry about me. i am easily entertained. i'm home honey, have you been good while i was gone? did you find anything? i may have left something on the ship that was yours but i'm not sure yet. i haven't finished unpacking you see. i'll keep you posted.....

smiles, bee

Michael C said...

I've found this week's posts to be highly entertaining...I do miss your writing though ;-)

thethinker said...

Haha, orphan devouring. Mental images form in my head.

Roger said...

Hey Odat just got my names and posted them on my side bar too cool!
monster;Ravenous Ogre From The Gloomy Enachanted Run
Sexy name;Romeo Offering Gratification and Erotic Recreation
got out of working today woohoo!