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Thursday, March 29, 2007

We Want It Now! (The Dog's Uprising)

It's a right wing consiracy I tell ya!
By those liberal dogs wanting human food. I own a lil pug dog. Or should I say he owns me. Little did I know he was plotting behind my back, day in and day out, spreading the word to all those of his kind to rise up against their owners in order to be fed tastier food! Well they've managed to overcome the establishment!I now give the lil snot dog more human food. But I do still feed him the dry stuff with it. After all, I am the Mommy, right?

(This is in response to the the dog food being recalled. In case any of ya were wondering if I flipped my lid...No, just flipped the finger at those companies who were dumb enough to keep their high profits in mind and purchase ingredients for the food from China, where no standards or inpections are required).


Five Things I'm Grateful for Today:
1) Sunshine on my shoulders, (makes me happy.....)
2) Yoga (being able to do it that is) (still trying for those headstands tho!)
3) Shedding of the winter coat
4) Light when I get home from work
5) Giving smiles out to those who don't have them


Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Your dog should count his blessings. Remind him that there are Chinese dogs who can't even get to eat uninspected Chinese dog food.

Ooooo. To really, really remind him who's boss, tell him how in China, dog often makes it onto the human food list! That ought to stop his liberal tendencies and make him a far-right Communist hating Republican!

lizza said...

Your pug is so lucky to have you for his mommy. Ask the vet if you should still feed him the dry stuff. :-)

Odat said...

Lone, You make an excellent point...he's reading this with me...he's bugged eyed about it too!

Lizza, Yes he certainly is...and from what I understand, as long as there isn't any "Wheat Gluton" listed on the label, it's ok.


Matt said...

Many of the cat intelligence services, however, are telling us these reports are based on faulty sources.

Matt-Man said...

Indeed, later sunsets make me verrry happy. Cheers, n'shit.

Dan said...

What a sweet little guy! He deserves human food. Would WE eat dog food? Of course not! So why should HE? ;)

SGT DUB said...

Hey, China is my neighbor, hehe.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I love that you give out smiles to those who don't have them.

You bring your own sunshine with you wherever you go.

Moo Goo Gai Pug.

Odat said...

Matt...Oh I believe you...I have faith in animal intelligence!! Espcially the cat-kind. ;-)

Matt-Man...yup...makes it feel as if you have more hours to ..whatever N'shit.

Dan...I don't like giving him a lot of human's intestional tracks aren't built to handle a lot the stuff we eat. (Unless, of course you want to come up here and clean up after him e'day, hehe)

Sgt. Dub, So whadda saying??? "Don't cook tonight, have pug delite"????? huh?

Heart...hiya....yeah, i figured I'll give the smiles out in case I need one back some day.
Thanks!!! and HEY!!!! Noooooo Moo Goo Gai Pug!!!! lol....
You might give Sgt. Dub ideas there!!!!

CSL said...

I'm for mostly dry dog food, with occassional dog treats or canned stuff. I don't think human food is good for them. And yea for shedding the winter coat!

Danielle said...

Being able to do yoga convinces me I am still fit despite what the scale says.

I swear by downward dog before a test, it works every time.
Blood + Brain = Intelligence

Have a great day

Michael C said...

You know, I ate dog food a few weeks ago. No wonder I keep passing out. Strangely, the dog's ok though...

Odat said...

csl...I know .I've never really given him human food up til now...

danielle, long as I can still stretch those limbs...I'm doing good!!!

I think you should visit the vet and get tested ;d

C said...

I had heard about the recall but don't know any details. Everything is full of some thing that's not good for you though ... so it's one down and the rest to go.

eyechan said...

saw your comment on Kiyotoe's blog and just had to come and check out yours. good luck with the headstands! and nice haiku below:)

Pickled Olives said...

My dog was never healthier than when I fed her boiled meat and rice with carrots and peas. I should continue to give her the good stuff, but, most nights we make food thats bad for us, none less her.

Crankster said...

Not to be gross or anything, but it seems a little odd for dog food manufacturers to buy their ingredients from a country where dog is a delicacy.